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How much does it cost?

The cost of a survey depends upon your requirements.

BSS Examination

Special discounted rate: £230 if within 30 miles of Bromsgrove, all inclusive. This rate includes the BSS Certificate. Should there be any problems found during the examination a re-test will be carried out free of charge if local, or when next in the vicinity, or otherwise for a re-test fee of circa £20- £50.

Please contact Peter for very competitive rates for other locations. There are further generous discounts available if two or more boats are booked for a BSS Examination at the same location on the same day. Also, any referral leading to a booking and payment may entitle you to a referral fee.

Hull Survey

A hull survey will typically cost around £500. A hull survey involves ultrasonic thickness testing of the hull plate, examination for any wear and pitting corrosion, checking anodes, propeller, propeller shaft and stern tube bearing and rudder.

Pre-Purchase Survey

As a basic guide a fully comprehensive Pre-purchase Survey will cost typically around £700 all inclusive. This survey is designed to identify any faults or problems that might exist in order that the vendor can be asked to rectify them before the sale completes, or so that you can agree a price adjustment to take account of the cost of the repair work. A comprehensive written report is produced, including the findings and recommendations.

Some purchasers will not require a fully comprehensive survey, so please contact Peter to discuss your requirements in order that a lower priced quotation can be agreed.

Larger vessels and those with more comprehensive equipment may cost more for a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Survey.

You may wish to benefit from additional services such as a sea trial, valuation or oil sampling of the engine and gearbox to detect for any unusual wear or problems. These are subject to an additional charge.

Walk -Through Survey

If you have not yet chosen the boat you want to buy, but want an expert opinion on the condition of a few boats on your shortlist, and their suitability, then a  Walk-Through Survey may prove cost effective. This does not aim to identify individual problems with a vessel, but gives an overview of the condition, and how well the boat has been looked after. The cost of this type of survey is between £3 and £10 per foot LOA depending upon location and how many boats are to be looked at.

Insurance Survey

This survey is designed to satisfy the requirements of your insurance company. It is not as comprehensive as a Pre-purchase Survey, and the cost is typically £500 if your insurance company requires just a hull survey, or from £700 if they require a full survey. Please check with your insurance company first.

Damage Survey

The cost of carrying out a damage survey depends upon the extent of the damage and the location of the vessel.


A valuation survey will satisfy the requirements of a finance company.

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For any of the above surveys, you will be responsible for meeting any boatyard charges for lifting or movement, for opening up any areas of the vessel requiring further investigation, or any contractors’ charges that a marina may levy.